Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Junior Part 3

Finally Part 3 of the Super Junior post! You can see my awesome groupings of the members here!
I split the members into 5 different categories. When looking at Super Junior, you can't base your judgement of their usefulness off of musical talent. You'd think it would be different because they are technically a singing group but alas, Super Junior is unique in the sense that it didn't shove people in there for no reason (okay...some of their members raises some eyebrows) but rather they collectively appeal to a very wide range of people. So without further adieu, here are my groups!


Variety Group
Point of the group is to be in various aspects of the entertainment industry which constantly brings thought back to their group. Useful as a promotional tactic as well as keeping interest high. If good at variety, can be dead useful.

Leeteuk (the president of this group)
*note: I have decided to exclude Hankyung because while I found his variety appearances to be amusing...the amount and energy spent on them did not equal the others in this category

Dancer Group
Point of the group is to dance XD. They are the ones called out as representatives of the group in a dance aspect. Make note that the three below are the most natural of those who dance in Suju.

Eunhyuk (the president)

Singer Group
Point of the group is to carry the song and make sure our ears don't bleed. All have good voices, good control, and decent range. In some way, I could see them all going solo.

Kyuhyun (the president)
Zhou Mi
*note i have decided to put Henry in here because it was either that or nothing at all. He sings decently and plays his instrument well so singer it is!*

Useless Group
Point of group...there is none which is why they are placed in here in the first place.

Sungmin: I'm sorry but I really don't know where else to put him.
Kibum: 'nough said

Pretty Group
Point of this group is to look pretty. It is no fault of their own that they happen to be pretty but their looks gains them attention, popularity, which they proceed to share with the group.


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