Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Junior Part 3

Finally Part 3 of the Super Junior post! You can see my awesome groupings of the members here!
I split the members into 5 different categories. When looking at Super Junior, you can't base your judgement of their usefulness off of musical talent. You'd think it would be different because they are technically a singing group but alas, Super Junior is unique in the sense that it didn't shove people in there for no reason (okay...some of their members raises some eyebrows) but rather they collectively appeal to a very wide range of people. So without further adieu, here are my groups!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Junior Part 2

The members of Super I said I have likes, dislikes and neutral opinions. You can argue, you can hate, but whatever your opinion-I'd still love to know. Shall I start with the oldest?

Super Junior Part 1

Super Junior, one of my first K-pop know before I heard what actual good music was. Lol, I kid but in all reality one cannot deny the fact that Suju doesn't exist as a singing powerhouse. In all reality...many of them don't sing that makes me wonder that if they had been capable what an acapella  would sound like with all 13 of them O.O is that even possible?

Guilty Pleasure: Speed Racer

While trying to study, I got distracted. This distraction of course, after going through various loopholes and websites (this is why the internet is not conducive to studying) led to me watching Speed Racers, the live action movie. I've seen it before but can I just say it was a bundle of awesome?