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Super Junior Part 2

The members of Super Junior...like I said I have likes, dislikes and neutral opinions. You can argue, you can hate, but whatever your opinion-I'd still love to know. Shall I start with the oldest?

First of all, let me say that I like him. He's insanely charismatic on variety shows. Yes, he like others have their douchy moments which happen to go public but hey-I don't really care because the guy is human. I like him on variety shows. Can he sing? Not well. I can't say any of them are "horrible" because if they sucked A LOT then their training was crappy. I say he can't sing well because he is just not a vocalist. He's not in Suju as a "singer." He is the leader and from what I understand that means being a go-between for the members and the company as well as looking after the members via monitoring and telling them when they screwed up and how not to do it again. It helps that he has a lot of years of training. So he goes under the "non-singer" category. Good at variety and MCing but not so much the singing and dancing. The sad thing is he seems over-stretched in his schedule which makes people sick of him. But his general appeal in those aspects that he's good at as well as his good leadership (at least I think he's a pretty good leader for his particular group) is what he brings to Suju. His going to the army might make me a bit sad.

I...really dislike him. He is one of the few members I actually dislike. My reason for disliking him? He looks like he half-asses all of his performances. Even the non-singers look like their actively trying. When his line(s) come (and there are so so soooo few of them)...he barely moves his lips. Some can argue this is his "style," one that fits his "image." I call it completely half-assed. He also doesn't dance...doesn't look like he's trying much there either. Now, I've been raved at by fans on message boards saying that maybe he's in too much pain to dance because of the medal rod in his leg, etc. And you know what, maybe. But, be it healthy or not, idols dance in worse conditions. T-ara's Eunjung took pain killers for her twisted ankle and proceeded to go on stage and shuffle without so much as a wince. Is it right to compare people's pain? No. But it's a point to say that whether he's from your group or your bias, the point is he still looks like he half-asses on stage.
He definitely goes into the non-singer category...he might be the leader of the non-singer category. So what does he bring to the group? His variety appearances, his radio dj-ing, his MCing, etc. He's not useless to the group as a whole because I'm not basing usefulness on singing alone. I just personally don't like him. I'd also like to point out that him going to army wasn't a big deal to me because dude randomly shows up places in pictures with people, etc. I know he's not active because of his injury (makes sense) but dude...he is everywhere!

Dude left and I'm not surprised. And no, I highly highly doubt he will ever come back. Hankyung put up will a lot of crap in Korea, especially at the beginning of his career but it never fully disappeared...he was always the "foreign one." What he brought to Suju was his dancing and variety appearances. He had a good sense of variety for shows which made him appealing. His dancing, based on his ballet background, further solidified his necessity. When SJM started, he was a must. But after he left, it can't be said that Suju fell apart. Which makes me wonder how necessary he had been in the first place. Image someone like Kyuhyun or Leeteuk leaving the group permanently in such a fashion? Not plausible, not conceivable. His lawsuit I found to be really sad not in the "omg ungrateful little..." but for the reason that these guys were friends. It's a hard thing to even think about. It's even harder when you look at DBSK....I shall put Hankyung in the dancer category, also part of the non-singer category.

The awkward one. But our first member of the actual singer category. Yes, he is one of the few...the proud...the singers of Super Junior. Outside of singing, he falls under the category of awkward and tries too hard. Granted his awkwardness can be seen as a positive because it makes him standout(?) but I have a very hard time watching him on shows because I don't handle awkward well. It makes me twitch and cringe. Therefore, singer it is.

That...one? I never really had a strong vision of him. He is a non-singer who does variety and MC's as well as a radio show when he had one so he goes in the variety category. But his personally, I was always rather neutral to him. He screwed up with a DUI or something and then went into the army. Yea that's pretty much it.

The big one? That was how I would have clarified him one especially in the early days. Now, honestly weight is whatever to me because I myself am by no means small but his appearance was definitely out of the K-pop norm. Shingdon falls into the variety category but I personally don't find him all that natural in it. He looks like he tries a bit hard sometimes, but then again a lot of people do. His personal style of funny is not one that appeals to me I guess. He's also a dancer despite his appearance, a natural one at that (natural vs. learned) so he'll join Hankyung in those two categories.

The other member that I dislike  in Super Junior. Unfortunately for him, I cannot actually validate my dislike of him because he just rubs me the wrong way. He falls in the useless category of Suju. Sorry Sungmin. He can dance but he's not a natural nor is he great. His singing is incomparable to the vocalists. His variety skills are lacking. Yes, he does some martial arts, magic tricks, whatever but this doesn't help his case. Hankyung pulled off martial arts than Sungmin ever could...so that cannot be his shtick because he doesn't overly excel in it. I really didn't like him in Sorry Sorry because while i thought Ryeowook looked girly Sungmin's look really grated on my nerves...he was styled badly...his suit didn't suit his shape? and his voice was very nasally...cannot stand nasally voices. Some may question why Kangin doesn't go into the useless category, and it can be debated...he almost did but the guy has more presence in variety than Sungmin does so yea...

The dancer. Though I have to stay I'm kind of sick of his dancing to Boom Boom Pow and the recycling of moves. But no one can argue that the guy can dance. Yes, sometimes it's excessive. Yes sometimes it's awkward (please...don't ever try to flash your abs in a solo...it was awkward on stage...even if you did have abs). What I like about his isn't his stage presence/persona but his dorky one that he presents on variety shows. Coupled with Leeteuk, they make a great team (they don't need Shindong there to be honest...). He falls under the dancer and variety category. Some might claim him to be a rapper and while he fills that requirement in Suju, he's not the greatest rapper in all of K-pop, even the idol scene. I will say that he's the best one in Super Junior as a whole. Plus, his Oppa Has Arrived with Donghae was crack-tastic.

The pretty one? Donghae dances but he's not a natural dancer...he can't improvise like Eunhyuk can. Donghae sings, but he's not really good at it. His voice is pleasant but has poor range. He is up there with Yesung on variety show awkward, but awkward in a different way. He acts...our first actor...well second but who knows what Heechul has been in...some sitcoms or something...wait no third! Oops Sungmin was in President but he didn't get rave reviews or anything and I have yet to watch it...but back to the point, I have yet to see Donghae act. So Donghae fulfills the part of the pretty.

The face. I have always found it amusing that Siwon was younger than Eunhyuk and Donghae. Anyway Siwon is the face...he is the model...he is Suju's personal sculpture. His appearance lands him modeling gigs. He also acts. And while I have watched Oh My Lady...at least a few episodes I can't say he's a good actor? Mostly because I thought his leading lady and him had little to no chemistry. Him with the little girl though? Adorable. But I think he could be quite decent if given the right dramas. And so far with the dramas he's done, he hasn't showcased much. But I'm sticking him with the pretty category because if he was uglier...he might not have gotten so many dramas thus far.

Voice number two. He takes care of the higher notes in Super Junior. I am neutral about him because while I can't say that I like his voice in particular, he has a good voice objectively as well as good control. He just tends to get too shrilly/squeeky for me. But with his recent solo of Moves Like Jagger, many people have turned back for a second look asking "Wookie, where the hell have you been hiding all of THAT?!" That stage, he worked it up down and all around. His appearance on Strong Heart with the rest of Super Junior, when he said his few lines-I just cracked up. I just think he needs to do more things that suit him. And more things like his solo stage, the world is ready. But singer it is.

The completely useless one. The one who left to pursue acting and never came back. I and I think a lot of people have wondered about that. Siwon has been in more things than Kibum while still being an active part of Super Junior. Kibum fell into a hole and never came out. Or maybe the rumored dungeon in SM. His rapping was mediocre at best. He couldn't really dance. Nor could he sing. Useless it is.

My favorite. I will shamelessly proclaim him as my favorite. I love his voice. It's mellow but very pleasing. He has good control and knows how to work it. His snark and sarcasm is also beyond amusing especially when you add in the fact that he's the youngest of Suju (not counting Henry). But the important thing is, Kyuhyun is the base carrier of most of Super Junior's songs, despite the fact that there are two other vocalists. In the performances of I believe Bonamana, when he was sick and the others filled in? Horrible. Like really. I think that's when most found out just how much Kyu carries the songs. His dancing has improved from his being the black hole (not at 0:11 Yesung laughs audibly...making Kyu do this was just mean lol) of Suju's dancing to his starting to become decent (starting after 4:47). He is president of the singer category.

Zhou Mi
Heh, thought I wouldn't add him did you? SJM members out of the age order. His voice is decent but he's wasted in SJM because that group isn't going anywhere. He should go solo. In singer category.

Also completely wasted. His singing skills are less than Zhou Mi's nor does he have a variety presence (then again his Korean isn't great) but the guy is wasted in SJM. He could be so much more musically.

That's a wrap for the individual assessment. Let me know, agree-disagree-whole other opinion?

Check out part 3 for the roundup!

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