Monday, January 30, 2012

Intro to B.A.P.

So, B.A.P. officially debuted this weekend with Warrior.

To start off with B.A.P. stands for Best. Absolute. Perfect. and is under TS. Entertainment (who also produces Secret). As far as names go, it's K-pop so I'm not too surprised. At least the adjectives are positive? Honestly, it's not as bad or awkward as other groups names are (Teen Top...Teens on Top...I still remember everyone's "O.O omg...why" reaction).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Johnny's Entertainment with some SM, YG, and JYP thrown in

Let's get something straight, I know WAAAAAAY more about K-pop than's not even comparable really. But today I was in an Arashi buzz and used a lot of google and wikipedia.

I have known about the existence of Johnny's for a while, how can I not. If you have ever stumbled into J-pop, just a little..,peckishly even, you have heard of Johnny's. The creater/founder/head honcho/etc. is Johnny Kitagawa, born in Los Angeles California. Now the reason I wanted to wiki him is because I have heard about SMAP...well, the only thing I know is that they are Japan's longest running band (boy band...can I even say that? they're old...but well, I call Super Junior boy band...well no, not really). Okay let's call them band idols...yea I need to work that out. Back to the main point, I had heard about their longevity and the fact that they were/are Johnny's. Which circles back to my curiosity about the boss man because I had to find out, just how old is this man.