Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Johnny's Entertainment with some SM, YG, and JYP thrown in

Let's get something straight, I know WAAAAAAY more about K-pop than J-pop...it's not even comparable really. But today I was in an Arashi buzz and used a lot of google and wikipedia.

I have known about the existence of Johnny's for a while, how can I not. If you have ever stumbled into J-pop, just a little..,peckishly even, you have heard of Johnny's. The creater/founder/head honcho/etc. is Johnny Kitagawa, born in Los Angeles California. Now the reason I wanted to wiki him is because I have heard about SMAP...well, the only thing I know is that they are Japan's longest running band (boy band...can I even say that? they're old...but well, I call Super Junior boy band...well no, not really). Okay let's call them band idols...yea I need to work that out. Back to the main point, I had heard about their longevity and the fact that they were/are Johnny's. Which circles back to my curiosity about the boss man because I had to find out, just how old is this man.

 Guys, he's maaaaaaaaad old. Like looking at his birthday I was like omg@wth?!&HE'S ANCIENT! People are not that active at this age, most people. Guys, he's going to be 81 this year. EIGHTY ONE! Birthday October 23, 1931. HE'S STILL PRODUCING PEOPLE?!

While scrolling thru wiki I found out about the sex allegations against him and the boys under his contract (...is it bad that I wasn't too too shocked to hear about something like this? He's a guy who produces idols...young idols...I don't know somehow I wouldn't be too shocked if it turned out to be true.) Thru a court ruling (I read this somewhere else and have hence forgotten where I read it) that while the allegations about alcohol and smoking of minor trainees was false the sexual allegations may have been true. O.O Well as long as they weren't smoking or drinking we're okay...seriously LEGAL SYSTEM WTH?! The courtroom proceedings weren't broadcast or reported on either...sounds s-k-e-t-c-h-y. Methinks Johnny's Entertainment threw some weight around, no?

Regardless of what goes down behind the fortress that is that Entertainment company, one cannot escape their products and the products' appeal...the products being the idols they produce.

For me personally? I've listened to some Kat-Tun, watched Arashi being insanely amusing, stared at my computer during HEY!SAY!JUMP's video thinking wth am I watching, and watched a lot of stuff/listened to Yamapi. Johnny's are in everything, like everything. It can't be helped. While it is a major blow to their competition and rising musicians, you can't help but see that whatever Johnny's doing, it's working out well.

Now as to my second wonderment about the huge fortress that is Johnny's. When Johnny dies, who takes over? This made me curious because as I follow K-pop I've heard of how JYP would "hand over" JYP Entertainment to Jo Kwon of 2AM and Ye Eun of Wonder Girls. I don't think that Johnny has anyone like that...to my completely limited knowledge lol so who would it go to and how would it affect the company if it's boss man is gone?

In a similar frame of mind, if JYP goes to Jo Kwon and Ye Eun, what about SM and YG? Personally, if we're going off of artists I think YG would easily, easily go to G-Dragon. Easily. Granted YG isn't that old or anything but we're thinking hypothetically here. Anyone else with GD? Wasn't there something about Bom or CL of 2ne1 joining GD in his commanding of YG? Or am I making that up?

SM, I think is harder to chose than YG is. Based off of her current representation of SM in "Survival Audition K-pop Star" Boa would be an obvious choice because she is the longest running SM artist if I'm thinking correctly...wait no there's someone else. Now who would join her? Leeteuk of Super Junior said he'd like to teach people and pass on what he knows so he might be someone. But he seems a bit on the sillier side of personalities. Yunho of DBSK? He's leaderly and still with SM after shit hit the fan but I can't see him becoming the head. Leeteuk would be a better/stronger choice wouldn't he? I'm scanning thru my brain thinking of current SM Town members...oooooooooo, Kangta? He was a judge for that one thing, 2 things actually, with Donghae (love you Donghae but why were you there?). AHA! He's the oldest member of SM Town. I don't see anyone coming back to head SM after they've left...especially by the manner in which they left (lawsuits anyone?).

But yeah, Johnny's reminds of of SM. Granted if we're going by seniority it's SM that reminds me of Johnny's. Both are HUGE companies and the oldest/strongest music producing companies in their respective countries (rant all you want about the power/appeal/popularity of YG and JYP but SM is older-though not by much and more importantly has turned out more successful artists then either of those two in its duration). Johnny's was founded in 1962, SM in 1995 YG in 1996 and JYP in 1997.

Regardless of what the future holds, it'll be entertaining to see where the major companies go and the talent that they put out. But Johnny, your newest group is called Sexy Zone. After listening to K-pop I understand the ridiculousness that can come my way in terms of band names but Johnny...but the oldest member is 17 and the youngest is ELEVEN. Why are they called Sexy Zone?! Don't give me that "group name came from Michael Jackson's sexiness" or the "sexiness of men" consideration. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! One of them hasn't hit puberty yet! Why is he considered sexy?! WAIT DON'T ANSWER! I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

Maybe, one day we will understand...

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