Monday, January 30, 2012

Intro to B.A.P.

So, B.A.P. officially debuted this weekend with Warrior.

To start off with B.A.P. stands for Best. Absolute. Perfect. and is under TS. Entertainment (who also produces Secret). As far as names go, it's K-pop so I'm not too surprised. At least the adjectives are positive? Honestly, it's not as bad or awkward as other groups names are (Teen Top...Teens on Top...I still remember everyone's "O.O omg...why" reaction).

 The first "promotion" of sorts for the group was the debut of one of their members, their leader consequently, Bang Yong Guk with the song I Remember featuring Beast's Yoseob. I remember liking the song a lot. The combination of Yoseob's vocals with Yong Guk's really deep rapping was well put together. The video was dark and fit the tone of the song really well. Watch it for your self:

After the song I was curious. Then TS Entertainment came out with the unit of Bang Yong Guk and Zelo with their song Never Give Up. While watching the video I wondered when and why I had stumbled on High School Musical K-pop edition. Second thought, huh-his hair is better colored here. Then of course I had to wonder why his fellow member was an ugly shade of blonde..and what THAT kid ever did to the stylist that they would perm his hair like that...needless to say that I didn't like the song that much. As far as K-pop songs go it's not baaaad but I didn't really like it. I didn't understand why they had to add the choir either. Favorite part of the entire video? The lines of Yong Guk: "I'm back in the school back back in the school." His deep voice is just really appealing as well as the emotion and swag he puts in. But also, the dance/head movement is REALLY nice. Zelo didn't impress me much here.

Finally we get to the entire group's official debut with Warrior. The marketing up until this point was nice. The solo, the unit group, the multi-colored teasers with the random rabbit head thing/ was much better in my opinion than what SM has been doing with EXO.

People, if you haven't listened to it yet or more importantly watched the video-you are sorely missing out. You don't even understand. Listening to the song, watching the video, you are ready to run out somewhere screaming For Sparta and kicking ass.

When I first listened to the song, it was before the video came out. My original reaction was, huh...not bad at all. Then the video came out which I of course had to watch. The video was colorful, chaotic, filled with swag and absolutely BEAST (not to be confused with the group :p).

I am a complete sap for good choreo having danced pretty much my entire life, be it in an official setting or just for the hell of it. This choreo, it's sick. What I really liked about it was that they all hit their marks, together, with complete fierceness. They all dance, at least they pull of dancing really really well. You know what I mean when you really look at groups and you see that one person who's either going thru the motions or just getting left in the dust dance-wise.

Watching the lives, the group is rather impressive. I didn't get the same wow factor as I did watching Infinite's debut but at the same time, I prefer B.A.P.'s debut song more. Infinite is just insanely intricate and on point with their choreo but the appeal of B.A.P.'s choreo is the fact that it is a bit more rugged yet still together.

Zelo really impressed me here. The boy can rap incredibly fast. All the raps flowed really well. I liked the entire song's arrangement, the fluidity of the singing and the rapping. The only part that I wasn't a HUGE fan of was the signing after the stepping dance break, it was pretty much the only awkward part of the song.

The rapping, the singing, the dancing...especially the "Get down" part and the stepping, was fantastic.

Now to wrap this up, using my trusty (lol) Wikipedia skills, here is a break down of the members (I only know Yong Guk and Zelo at this point):
Yong Guk-born March 31, 1990-leader, main rapper (YES HE'S OLDER THAN ME)
Him Chan-born April 19, 1990-vocalist, rapper, visual (because each and every group needs a visual lol and  he too is older than me sweet!)
Dae Hyun-born June 28, 1993-main vocalist (...he's young...but he's not even the maknae, omg I'm getting old!)
Jong Up-born February 6, 1995-vocalist, lead dancer (I can't believe we're getting groups coming out with members this young now...)
Zelo-born October 15, 1996-lead rapper, main dancer, maknae ('96...cannot comprehend)

So, there you go. I wonder how they'll fair later on. Thus far their debut seems pretty strong so one can hope that they'll be around for a while/

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